Inverter Washing Machine Controller

Energy Star Compliant Control board


Washing Machine Board

Low Decibel Quiet System

Our laundry solutions are some of the quietest in the industry. The smart Inverter sensor less motor drive solution reduces unnecessary noise and Vibration resulting in a highly durable, powerful and quiet washing machine.

Smart Sense Technology

Our controllers automatically set the water level and wash time, based on the weight and size of each load, for optimal washing care.

The intuitive controls on the Smart Electronic Control Panel allow you to ‘press and go’.

Technical Specifications

Smart Inverter Drive Design
Inverter Control board is compatible for smaller space, and is designed to withstand a surge up to 3KV without any damage - resulting in a highly durable and powerful washing machine.
Motor Type
Compatible with Sensorless Brushless DC Motor
Motor Drive
Vector Controls and 180-degree sine-wave VFD drive, low power consumption.
Efficiently drive from 5KG up to 10KG Laundry
Wash Programs
Different wash Programs Sanitary, Bulky/Large, Cotton/Normal, Mixed, Synthetic, Baby Wear, Delicates, Hand Wash/Wool, Speed Wash, Drain and Spin
Spin Speeds
Extra High (1600 max), High (1400), Medium (1000), Low (600), Very Low (400)
Input Voltage
150Vac - 280Vac
47Hz - 63Hz
No-load Power Consumption
Less than 1W
Maximum Power Output
Accommodates system power requirements up to 1.5 KW
Overload protection (I/O over current protection, Over/Under voltage protection, IPM module protection)
Operating Temperature
-30°C to 120°C
Display Interface
Based on User requirement
Loads Control
Inlet Valves, Drain/Circulation/Bubble Pumps, Heater, Steam Generator
Sensor Control
Flow Meter, Pressure Switch, Temperature, Turbidity
IOT and Smart Features
Compatible with Alexa/Google home, remote diagnostics, and OTA upgrades
WiFi, Bluetooth