Virtual Forest: Revolutionizing Motor Control

Unlock the power of cutting-edge motor control electronics for optimal performance and efficiency.

Technology for a Net Zero Future

Virtual Forest is a leading provider of motor control electronics based in Bengaluru. We are dedicated to serving our customers across decarbonizatioin focussed technology pathways.

Our team of experts is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to create reliable and efficient products that drive performance and productivity. At Virtual Forest, we are committed to excellence in everything we do.

PCBA Hardware and Software Design

Your Partners from Design to Delivery and Beyond

Hardware, software design and manufacturing of custom circuit boards to offering technical support and service support, customers trust us with their technology roadmap.


World Class EMS Capability

World Class EMS Capability

Providing unparalleled EMS capabilities with a focus on precision, scalability, and speed, ensuring high-quality production for the most demanding electronic manufacturing needs globally.

Smart Appliances, IOT and Cloud Suits

Smart Appliances, IOT and Cloud Suits

Integrating smart appliances with IoT and cloud technologies for seamless connectivity, enhanced user experience, and advanced data analytics for the intelligent home ecosystem.


HVAC air conditioning and ventilation systems on wall


Achieve optimal climate control, energy efficiency, and user-friendly operation for homes and businesses

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Close-up shots stop the current flowing out of the plastic pipe into the rice field near the mound of dry grass.

Solar Pump

Ensure sustainable irrigation, enhanced efficiency, and reliability for all-weather performance.

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Electronic engineer chip, computer processor technology. Microchip computer cpu hardware, printed digital motherboard component. Pc equipment, industry electronic background, light effect, toned

Home Appliance

Advanced motor controllers for appliances, boost efficiency, precision, and durability.

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man in blue jacket riding blue and black motorcycle

Electric Mobility

Cutting-edge electric vehicle motor controllers. Enhance performance, efficiency, control, and reliability.

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Circular futuristic interface of smart home automation assistant on a virtual screen and a user touching a button

Smart Home Appliance and IOT

Experience unparalleled convenience, energy savings, and intelligent automation for a connected lifestyle.

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