Inverter AC Controller

 12K, 18K and 24K BTU


The VF motor control PCB for Air Conditioners integrates both the required hardware and algorithm to perform control of any BLDC/PMSM compressor model. Our solution provides the shortest time-to-market. 

Key Features

  • Onboard reactor
  • Single microprocessor (other PCB’s require 2 microprocessors)
  • Lowered power components – eliminated external IGBT,PFC Diodes etc
  • Induction motor/DC ODU fan motor can be used
  • Common PCB for different variants
  • Optimized BOM count and cost
  • Superior performance with reliability and safety over competitors’ products

Technical Specifications

Input voltage
140V - 290V AC
47Hz - 63Hz
Power Factor
Greater than 0.99
No-Load Power consumption
Less than 1W
Maximum power output
Easy to accomodate system power requirements up to 3KW
Compatible with both Brushless DC and AC Motors
Type of Valve
Capillary tube
Compressor drive
Senseless Vector Controls and 180 degree sine wave VFD drive
Standard refrigerating capacity
9k, 12k, 18k, 24k
Operating temperature
0 deg C - 55 deg C
Storage temperature
-20 deg C - 75 deg C
Type of cooling
Air Cooling
Related humidity
20% - 90%
Overload protection (I/O over current protection), Over voltage and under voltage protection, IPM module protection, Ambient Discharge and Condensor PFC protection