BLDC Ceiling Fan Controller

High Voltage BLDC Motor Controller


Technical Specifications

Operating input voltage range (standard)
85-310 Vrms AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase
Speed Control
Remote control - on/off, speed 1-5, turbo, timer 2-8 or Capacitive Regulator
Max Input Power Handling
40 Watt @ Rated Voltage
PF at full load
Greater than 0.9, Passive PFC @ Rated Voltage
Control Method
Sensor less FOC 180-degree commutation
Smooth (no back kick)
On the fly function
Can run on the fly without stopping
Last speed/State save
Start fan with last speed on power recovery
Cut off
Low and High voltage cut off and recovery (configurable)
Fault Retry
Fault retry algorithm present
Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current and Over Temperature, Shaft/Blade Lock
Surge Test
Based on MOV used, designed for 4KV
designed to meet requirements
Buzzer and LED for speed change, power recovery etc.